Save Prospect Ridge

It is time to deed-restrict Area 41 to open space, wildlife habitat, nature trails and the Norwalk sub-region watershed in perpetuity!
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David Goldenberg wants to turn paradise below on the left into a slum on the right below.
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The proposed expansion of the "affordable" housing project at Prospect Ridge would violate Ridgefield's Dedication Agreement with the State of Connecticut. The full agreement is linked to the shot of it below on the left and map 6727 is linked to the map below on the right.
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David Goldenberg's fraudulent letter and grant application linked at left below. Recording of related portions of Ridgefield Housing Authority call when they learned they had been used without authorization to apply for this grant.
David Goldenberg and Frank Coyle ask for permission to apply for a grant to study using open space at Prospect Ridge for an "affordable" housing project, even though it is subject to a Dedication Agreement restricting its use to recreational and open space uses. Only Bob Hebert votes against the grant request. The video is simulated with audio recording linked below.
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Put an end to this nonsense once and for all by petitioning for a Town meeting to resolve to protect Area 41 and Prospect Ridge FOREVER!
We need 4,000 signatures to demand a Town Meeting for this purpose. November 8 may be our best opportunity to gather the signatures we need. See the Town Charter § Section 3.5 (c).
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Ridgefield Planning and Zoning clearly opposes expanding an affordable housing project on Prospect Ridge. Their letter to the Board of Selectmen of July 26 available below left states plainly that such "stand alone affordable housing projects do not help grow an integrated and diverse community." In their discussion of the letter as seen in the video linked below left, the Chairman refers to such projects as slums. His word, not mine.
BTW, the Chairman added a sentence of recommendation that was NOT in the
original letter approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission.
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