Please see videos of Inclusionary Zoning Public Hearings on January 3, February 7 and April 16 below.
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Mark Your Calendar

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Planning and Zoning
Failed to Slip this Proposal by
Over the Holidays

Thanks to 23 of you who registered and logged in to the webinar held inconveniently on December 27 and to the five who stayed to the bitter end to weigh in, the Commission scheduled a special hearing dedicated to this proposal for January 25, 2023. This public hearing topic was the first item listed on the December 27, 2022 agenda, but the Chairman arbitrarily and without objection reversed the order and moved it to the end of the public hearings.

Those who wished to speak had to endure two hours public hearings about a new Mexican restaurant and parking regulations in the central business district and then a filibuster by the chairman about the proposed inclusionary zoning regulation before they were allowed to weigh in. Here is a video of just those portions of this unnecessarily lengthy procedure that relate only to the inclusionary zoning proposal.

Five from the public including Tracey O'Connor, John Tartaglia, Mary Flynn-Maguire, Kirk Carr and Richard Larson stay to the end to provide the Commission important information. The public comment begins at 49:05.
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Merry Inclusionary Zoning Ridgefield -

The Ridgefield Press recently alerted Ridgefielders to what its Planning and Zoning Commission has in store for it for the Holidays. This couldn't wait until January? Why the urgency? Is this an attempt to slip this by while everyone is celebrating with friends and family?
See the proposed new inclusionary zoning regulation draft linked below
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See the staff report on the draft zoning regulation linked below
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Ridgefield's First Selectman. Rudy Marconi weighs in:

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